Four Announcements Show Russia Serious about LNG Exports

Three announcements regarding LNG show that Russia is finally taking concrete steps in the LNG business. Those three announcements are:

Gazprom has also announced that it is in discussions with BP on worldwide cooperation with BP regarding LNG. Those discussions appear to be in very preliminary stages. They could result in some agreements to swap Gazprom European gas deliveries by its existing pipeline infrastructure for LNG supplies to be delivered to non-European customers.

Russia has the world's largest resource base of natural gas. Until recently, Russian companies had only been considering how to enter the LNG business. The foregoing announcements indicate that concrete steps are now being taken by Russian companies with significant implications for the world LNG business.

Pan EurAsian's analysis of these announcements is available to subscribers to NATS: The North American Terminal Survey for LNG Imports and Regasification.

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Updated July 10, 2005