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The following documents are archived for reader's convenience, but we caution may be outdated.  We include them here for the historical perspective they may provide.


  1. Orlen and MOL continue talks, MOU expires. May 2004
  2. Poland, Energy Sector - 2004 and Beyond, January 2004
  3. Group of Eight Privatization Suspended, March 2004
  4. Baltic Pipe to circumvent Poland, October 2003
  5. Poland Votes Decisively to Join the European Union June 2003
  6. Electrabel Completes Acquisition of Polaniec, May 2003
  7. Russia and Poland Settle Their Natural Gas Dispute; January 2003
  8. Polish Privatization 1990-2002; Dreams and Realities December 2002
  9. Spring Update for Poland, April 2002
  10. Foreign Direct Investment in Poland (charts) showing trends through 2002: August 2002
  11. "Things are Never as Good, or as Bad, as They Seem at the Time" A Perspective and Retrospective on the energy situation in Central Europe, especially Poland: July 2002
  12. Spiraling Down, A View of Poland at the End of 2001
  13. The Elections in Poland , October 2001
  14. Privatization Recap and Update , October 2001
  15. Comments at the Start of 2001 , Outlook for the Polish Electricity Sector; September Update (2001)
  16. Privatization Recap and Update, August 2001
  17. Changes at the Polish Ministry of the State Treasury , March 2001
  18. Comments at the Start of 2001 , Outlook for the Polish Electricity Sector; January 2001
  19. Polish Power Market , September 2000
  20. Proposed Grouping of Electricity Distribution Companies , April 2000
  21. A Possible Solution for CHPs , December 1999
  22. Summary Review of the Polish Economy (chart), November 1999


  1. ConocoPhillips expands stake in Lukoil to 14.8%.October 2005
  2. Government buys 10.74% stake in Gazprom for $7.15 billion July 2005
  3. Four LNG project announcements show Russia serious about LNG exports July 2005
  4. Review of the Russian government's program to create a national champion. June 2005
    What started out to be a merger of Gazprom with Rosneft ended up as a stock purchase by the Russian government.
  5. Russian Exports Increasing Rapidly August 2003
    Transneft exports up 16% to 8.5 million tonnes, first half 2003
  6. What Next for Yukos and the Russian oil sector? updated October 31, 2003
  7. RAO UES - The Challenge Ahead An updated look at the plan to restructure Russia's Unified Electric System, April 3, 2003
  8. Yukos and Sibneft Form New Giant Russian Oil Company April 2003
  9. TNK-BP Deal has Closed August 29, 2003
  10. BP and TNK link up in Russia; February 2003, revised March 2003
  11. RAO UESR Announces "Plan 5+5" May 2003
  12. What next for RAO UES? A look at the implications of the new electricity restructuring law in Russia; February 2003
  13. RAO UES - A Practical Plan? A look at recently announced plans of RAO UES of Russia to restructure its power generation assets: November 2002
  14. A New Frontier - West Siberia; January 2003


USA and World Issues


We take pleasure in archiving past issues of the Central Europe Economic Letter. Publication of this letter has been discontinued.

The following documents were not published on our website, but were prepared by us and may be of interest to our readers:

  1. LNG: New Business, New Risks, an examination of the risks accompanying the present building boom in LNG import terminals in North America
    published on, April 2004 (Risk Alert).
  2. Confusion about Natural Gas Supplies for Poland
    published in Power in East Europe 18 February 2002p7 (Platts)
  3. Poland: A Fork in the Road
    published in Central and Eastern Europe & FSU electricity prospects for 2002 (Platts January 2002 page 47).

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